Vision and Mission



The vision of the Faculty of Social Sciences UNY is to answer the challenges of education in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 and society 5.0 which is used as a reference and direction for the development of YSU in carrying out its role in higher education is:

"To become an excellent, creative, innovative Faculty of Education and Social Sciences based on piety, independence and intelligent in 2025"



Faculty of Social Science YSU has the following missions:

  1. Organizing academic and professional education to produce educators in the social sciences and social scientists who have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes according to the basic values of Pancasila.

  2. Conducting research and development that results in new discoveries in the fields of education and social sciences

  3. Organizing community service activities oriented to the results of studies and research Education and social sciences for community empowerment and welfare.

  4. Organize and build cooperation with the government, society, academia, industry, and the media at the local, regional and international levels, in order to develop education and social sciences and increase the competitiveness of graduates.

  5. Organizing faculty-level institutional governance, excellent service, transparent and accountable quality assurance.

The vision and mission of the Faculty of Social Sciences is formulated by involving stakeholders, including: faculty leaders, faculty senate, alumni, MGMP, partner institutions, and


 The Goals:

  1. Realizing education and good governance in the academic and professional fields that require self-development of lecturers and encourage students to have individual basic values ​​in acquiring knowledge, skills, and attitudes in accordance with the basic values ​​of Pancasila and the noble values ​​of national culture.

  2. Realizing research and development results in the field of Education and Social Sciences prioritizing character, which supports regional and national development, and contributes to solving global problems.

  3. Performing community services and empowerment activities focusing on the study and research results in the field of education and social sciences based on the basic values ​​of Pancasila to encourage the development of the human being, community, and natural potential to realize community welfare.

  4. Realizing network and cooperation involving the community, academia, industry, and media at the local, regional, and international levels.

  5. Realizing good faculty governance, clean, transparent, and accountable quality assurance.